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The Water That Breaks The Stone

This is what Michelangelo, a kidney stone sufferer, wrote in a letter dated 1549. It's one of the oldest and most renowned testimonies of the benefits derived from drinking Fiuggi water.


The story recounts how kings, noblemen, and ambassadors were benefited by drinking the miraculous water because it eased their pain. Pope Bonifacio VIII, who was born in Ciociaria and knew the Fiuggi source well, also used this healthy water.


Over 187 payment orders for transport of the water from Fiuggi to Rome are well documented in the Pope's accounting registries.


In more recent times, other famous notables successfully treated themselves by drinking Fiuggi water: from Papa Pio X to Giovanni Giolitti, to Benedetto Croce and Alcide De Gasperi.

Michelangelo signature


Michelangelo portrait

The expression “the water that breaks the stone", used by Michelangelo on purely observational basis, today finds a sound scientific explanation.

This is why the water from Fiuggi is not an oligomineral water like many others, but presents unique characteristics that go beyond its considerable diuretic properties... it is highly depurative.

Fiuggi Naturale



Fiuggi natural mineral water is a very low content mineral water (total dissolved solids about 120 mg per liter) with low sodium. It is highly diuretic thanks to its rapid absorption and more so, its quick emission through the urinary tract which performs a cleansing and antiinflammatory action.


These properties have been proven by numerous scientific studies, Fiuggi is a precious mineral water and by consuming it daily, it maintains the entire body youthful thanks to its excellent depurative properties.


Fiuggi is a real and bonafide status symbol for those who want to take ca re of their health on a daily basis in a simple and natural way.


Fiuggi is a mineral water with a low concentration of mineral salts, more so, it has a low sodium content. This specific physiochemical composition gives Fiuggi water a diuretic action making it depurative: the low content of mineral salts allows for rapid absorption and a quick passage through the urinary tract.

A quick and intense "cleansing" makes it especially useful in the elimination of waste elements from our body. Due to fact, the water from the historical Fiuggi thermal baths are accredited by Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italian National Health Service) for the treatment of  the kidneys and the urinary tract calculosis.


Recent scientific research published in leading international journals (ex. Nephron 1999, 81.suppl. 1, 98-102), have shown disintegrating action of the crystal lattice of the calculus due to the two acids, humic and fulvic, found In Fiuggi water, giving scientific explanation to "the water that breaks the stone" a praising statement passed on through centuries by the great Michelangelo.


In particular, the macromolecule derived from humic and fulvic acids present in Fiuggi water form a thin film that wrap around the stone creating  "pumping effect" through a series of chemical interactions causing a progressive weakening until its disintegration, without breaking it down completely.(source: Giuseppe D'Ascenzo, Professore Ordinario di Chimica, Rettore dell'Universita "La Sapienza di Roma").


Professor Loris Borghi, Director of the Department of Clinical Science at University of Parma, Italy, has tested that "the increase in urinary volume of normal subjects who consumed 500 ml of Fiuggi water produced desirable effects for urinary risk factors of calcium oxalate." ( Full detailed information is published In the medical journal, Kidney International.)


Fiuggi bottles

The water from the Fiuggi source originates at a temperature of 54.32oF (12.4oC).


The Fiuggi water basin is situated inside the massif of the Ernici Mountains; extensive studies have shown that the Fiuggi territory has been characterized, in the last five thousand years by an ecosystem that has remained incredibly unaltered, where the rich vegetation, the mild weather, the seasonable distribution of rain and the abundant sunshine every month of the year creates a unique rapport between the atmospheres, biosphere and lithosphere.


It's in this environment that Fiuggi water continuously renews itself acquiring its unique physiochemical characteristics.


It's in this journey that the water enriches itself everyday like 5000 years ago, with oligoelements present in volcanic deposits, acquiring those healthy and therapeutic properties which have been recognized and documented since ancient times.


of the properties

of Fiuggi Mineral Water

• It is highly depurative because it aids in elimination of metabolic waste.


• Prevents the formation of kidney stones in predisposed and recurring subjects


• Is indicated in the expulsion of kidney stones through the disintegration of the crystal lattice of the calculus


• It is especially useful in the lithotripsy treatment of kidney stones because it aids in a more profound cleansing of the kidneys, eliminating any residue (crystal and sand-like fragments)


• Fiuggi is particularly indicated for urinary tract infections because of its notable dilution of bacteria in the urine.


• It contrasts the effects of dysmetabolism of uric acid and therefore useful in hyperuricaemias gout and uratic disorders.





We advise you to consult your doctor before using Fiuggi water if you have any of the deceases mentioned above.


The bottling plant for Fiuggi mineral water was constructed in 1993 with the most advanced technological criteria and it has been exclusively used for the bottling of mineral water.

The Fiuggi plant has two bottling lines for  bottling with a production capacity of over 30.000 bottles per hour.

The plant layout:

• a bottling hall, 3.300 m2, where the production machinery is situated

• a warehouse for finished product, 4.000 m2

• a warehouse for production materials

• the production process of the mineral water is essentially made up of four distinct phases:

1. the rinsing of the bottles

2. the filling of the bottles

3. the labelling and packing

4. the palletization (the arrangement of the six bottle case on a pallet)

5. transportation unit


The mineral water from the source arrives to the tanks through stainless steel pipes and from there to the bottling plant.

The bottling process begins with the introduction of the empty bottles, all new, coming directly from the bottle production facility.  The bottles are moved along or a conveyor belt with an "electronic inspector" that controls and automatically discards those that do not correspond to the rigorous qualitative parameters of the bottle.

The accepted bottles are then sent to the "clean room" in which the air, lightly pressurized, is treated with a controlled microclimate. Here the bottles are sterilized with a vapor jet, rinsed with mineral water and then filled. Immediately after

the filling, the bottles ate capped with bottled caps.

From the "clean room" the bottles arrive to "the labeling" machine and the "laser stamp"  which  imprints the production lot and expiry  date on every label.


Once the bottles are labelled they are sent to the "the packing" machine that groups them in packs of six.

A "full inspector" along the conveyor belt is utilized to verify the filling levels, the presence of cap and label, automatically discarding any bottles on the line that do not respect the prefixed standards.

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Fiuggi logo Fiuggi 1 liter bottles
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Fiuggi Naturale
Fiuggi bottles
Fiuggi 1 liter bottles Fiuggi logo
Michelangelo signature
Michelangelo portrait
Fiuggi bottles

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